Top 4 Universities in China that offer Project Management Course

Top 4 Universities in China that offer Excellent Privileges to Its Scholars

China is home to one of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world. Since ancient times, the country has been an epitome of higher learning with many areas to study in China. Worldwide Scholars, philosophers, as well as travelers from everywhere the world, have at one time traveled to China in directive to acquire knowledge.

Even today, China enjoys an excellent standing as a center for the study of higher learning. In detail, China has now become the 3rd most favored country of international students, in regard to US as well as UK. Each year, there are thousands of students from all over the world traveling to China, in quest for higher education in the arena of

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Arts
  • business management
  • Project Management
  • IT as well as other subjects

Beijing, the principal city of China as well as its most vibrant, of the international cities, have been offering students with an extensive range of universities to choose from. Beijing is often the 1st choice of foreign students want to study abroad in China. Several of the universities offering excellent privileges to Its Scholars are

Peking University in China

This university was established in 1898 and is one of the top Asian universities. This university has over 30 colleges offering a broad range of programs that is undergraduate as well as postgraduate. The University has been offering very excellent privileges to its scholars. It is the university that most students want to study in China.

The programs offered at this university are

  • Anthropology
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Art Studies
  • Chinese Language and Literature
  • Computer Application
  • IT and more.

The university main campus is situated near the Summer Palace. The school similarly offers scholarships to foreign students. If you need more information about the college visits and clicks on their website

The Beijing Normal University

BNU is a the University of 112-year-old that is very attractive to international students studying in China. Currently, there are study abroad students from more than 80 countries at BNU. The University offers a wide range of

  • Undergraduate
  • postgraduate
  • doctoral programs

The programs are presented in English and more about overcoming the language barrier at .The primary programs offered here are

  • Accounting
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Economy
  • Literature

The university likewise offers a broad range of types to woo foreign students, that including free airport pickup. The university’s handbook for international students can be found on their website.

Top 4 Universities in China that offer Excellent Privileges to Its Scholars

The Tsinghua University

Tsinghua is a famous university in China that offers higher studies in engineering, as well as technology. It is located north-western outskirts of the Beijing city. In regard international students, the university places scholarships and student exchange programs. This university has

  • 48 departments
  • 12 colleges
  • 41 research centers
  • 35 research institutes

The university has a museum inside that has become one of the best attractions with the University. It’s graded as one of the top universities in China to study in. At present, more than 3,500 international students, belonging to 121 countries, study here.

China University of Law Political Science and (CUPL)

This the most prestigious law school to study in China as well as the famous university for domestic and foreign students. Presently, CUPL host 600 international students that are belonging to 14 different countries. The university has two campuses

  • Haidian
  • Changping,

They offer postgraduate as well as undergraduate programs respectively. CUPL contributes in student exchange programs with other top international universities. The medium of instruction is English for both of these programs. Many international studies abroad students here are offered on-campus accommodation, for only 1000 RMB per year.

5 Things to Know About the Project Management Professional Exam


For every project there are objectives that need to be accomplished. A person in charge of projects has to be equipped with the knowledge as well as the skills necessary for the efficient and effective management of available resources. Every project also has many obstacles to analyse and overcome in order to ensure obtaining desirable end results. While experience and knowledge are important when you’re banking on a career in project management, being a certified professional will further boost your career to the next level because such title will provide clients with the idea of how much you’re experienced in the industry.

The Project Management Professional Exam or commonly known as PMP exam will help you obtain the coveted certification that will propel your career to greater heights considering that it’s an internationally recognized title.  Here are some of the things you should know about this course:

1. You can review for the exam wherever you are in the world.

The US-based Project Management Institute is responsible for offering this program but that does not mean that you cannot pursue it if it is not available in your home country or city. You can access video study program and other helpful resources such as the guide of PM Prepcast wherever you are. There are also hundreds of other local establishments and online organizations offering review courses to help you pass the PMP exam.

2. Practical experience and knowledge is part of the prerequisites.

To enroll for the exam, you should have experience in directing and leading projects. The requirement for the number of hours worked will depend on your educational attainment. For those with associate’s degree, high school diploma or the equivalent level in an international setting, 7,500 hours is required. It’s only 4,500 hours if you’re a four-year degree holder. In any case, you must also have attended project management courses and related educational program for a total of at least 35 hours.

3. Passing the exam will boost your employability.

Companies will never let any employee manage a project if he/she does not have the set of skills required to complete a project efficiently and successfully. If you are a holder of PMP certification, you will always be an important resource in your organization. Besides that you will also gain competitive edge hence securing better employment terms becomes very easy.

4. It’s not just for employability but for personal growth.

Most projects cost millions of dollars and failure to manage them properly can lead to huge losses. Through constant studying and reviewing of course materials, you will be able to fully understand the concepts and theories that will help you bring any project to success. Aside from gaining professional certification, passing the PMP exam will also serve as an affirmation that you have grown personally and professionally.

4. Online review courses and resources are available.

Most people are pursuing their courses of choice online, and the review sessions for PMP are not exemptions. All that you need is access video study program wherever you are via any online institution that has been authorized or given the charter to offer the course. Online classes is always the best as it gives you an opportunity to learn at your own pace and freedom.

Excited for the PMP exam? May you have success in this great endeavour!  Or visit for details.

Want to Study Abroad in Korea for Project Management Course? 10 Things to Expect


Study abroad in Korea is indeed a superb experience in consideration that the student interest in knowing and joining foreign cultures plus new language. Korea is one of the best Asian awesome destinations to move to for abroad studies, especially if you want to prepare for your PM (Project Management) practice, as well as passing the official Project Management Professional (PMP) exam.   If you have already made your choice to study abroad in Korea we have composed 10 things that you can always expect with regard to Korea universities.

Why choose Korea to study abroad

Korean universities are gaining popularity and the increased competition for foreign student enrollment in the attempts to meet top global standards. Indeed, foreign student studies in Korea are a good deal of cash flow benefiting the universities as well as improving the Korean universities global reputation. The university have been around to accept as any student as possible and there are specific quotas of the native Korean native student should join the university. This mean as a foreigner student have plenty of the university program to choose from.


 Study and speak Korean

This is the second of the crucial thing that you will be experiencing to learn. If you are waiting to attend an exchange program or even getting masters you will need a decent level of Korean proficiency if you really want your study abroad in Korea to be the most amazing experience. You will have to take the TOPIC with most of the university in Korea and score at least 4 or higher. If you are there for the master program it’s pretty the same although some will offer a bit of wiggle room depending on your study field. For the instant, if you major are English, Korean languages or even English education.  It is also true to start preparing your project management materials, like using PM Prepcast in

Do you know that 25-30 percent of all the classes will be though in English?

Do you the problem with that is English is good with the natives but with the Korean professors you better have a basic Korean language. The Korean proficiency becomes beneficial in the long run as well as in on the fellow students. If you need help in the street it will be very easy to communicate. All the same you will be on the safe side as most professor English is affected by their first language. In fact, you will not always be spending your time with just studies you will need to enjoy the Korean culture and the study abroad really recommends for that hence the basic Korean will do a great deal.  It is also true if, later on, you are preparing and managing a project in Korea, this basic Korean will also help.

Think of the tuition, as well as housing fee, although they are very cheap. I find this to be the most promising consideration of Korean for study abroad. USA students find Korea the best place to be as an average one ear tuition fee about $6000. With a campus house, you will need to pay just $625 and this is a great deal if we compare some other abroad study destinations.

Lastly, you will need to not all the Korean universities are treated as equal; there is still freedom of college life and most of all the peer pressure from upper-classmen. This happens with all universities as the first year of their entire life’s some experience power. Indeed, the Korean high school will really mix class levels, although in the university being an upperclassman come with so many privileges as well as plenty of opportunity for mischief. All the same I never appreciate this in regard to good study abroad in Korea standards.